Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ice Cream

I was inside these towers a few short days before it happened.

I sat and ate ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's on the first floor while marveling at the enormity of these steel giants.  

Today I'll get my Ben and Jerry's, watch tributes on TV with tears in my eyes just as I do every September 11th anniversary.

I went back a few years ago to check out the progress.

 Subways are being rebuilt

Offices are being refaced
Walls are being put back up.

But around the world, we all still hurt.

Even the ones that only sort of understand.



  1. Hello, excuse me, do you have another image from that place of ben and jerry's like the corridors, other stores or the revolving doors to the south tower lobby???

    1. Sadly, I don't. Was there something particular you were looking for?

    2. well, yes, i was trying to know how was the corridor that goes from the south tower to the north tower :/ and views of the stores of ann taylor next to ben and jerry's, cole haan, banana republic or the store to open thomas pink, or if you can describe me how was that place decorated in the corridor's ground, please, is for a 3D scale model :/