Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl! Watermelon Jello Shots and Football Cake Pops

Super bowl morning, I got up at 4AM for the Run Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach. Man, oh man... I'll get to that later in the week.

For now, I'm focusing on food. Wonderful, high in calorie, low in caring, Super Bowl food. Food that you just graze on for hours until you realize that you've eaten 10 mini twice baked potatoes, a small mammal's worth of little smokies, half the tray of bacon wraps, the equivalent of an entire avocado tree in guacamole, and probably enough pasta salad to cure hunger in most 3rd world countries.

Oh, I ate.

I ate a lot.

We have a soulmate couple. They are "the ones." We want to marry them and spend the rest of our lives together in blissful harmony. Not only are they just all around the most genuine people on the planet, but they throw a mean Super Bowl party with food like you wouldn't believe.  I was asked to be in charge of Jello shots and cake pops.

watermelon jello shots

These guys are SO SIMPLE to make (after the de-pulping of the limes). I think it's super cute that they look like little watermelons although I used strawberry Jello. I personally am a big fan of the strawberry-lime taste. But if your store has watermelon Jello and you'd rather use that, by all means, use it. They even make edible black marker if you want to draw on some seeds. Oranges with orange Jello or lemons with lemon Jello work great as well. But I used limes. Obviously. 
First you need to cut a lime in half and scoop out the guts so all you have left is an empty shell. This is by far the pain-in-the-assiest part of the whole process. When you conquer this, you'll be in need of one of these shots. 
And keep the juice! You can make delicious Key Lime Bars with it!

Make your jello just like the box says except substitute the 2 cups cold water with 2 cups cold vodka.  Don't be trying to get any of that sugar-free crappy jello either. Spend the extra $1 and get the good stuff. Then fill the lime bowls to the very top with jello mixture. After you let them set for a couple of hours in the refrigerator, cut them in half. 

That's it. You're done, time to impress some folks and get hammered.

Next stop: football cake pops:
You're going to follow all the same beginning directions as the Minnie Mouse Cake Pops. The only real difference here is that I used white confetti cake instead of red velvet. 

Once you have the cake and cream cheese frosting mixed together, form some footballs and insert a lollipop stick. Refrigerate for 2 hours and then dip in melted chocolate. 

Last, all you need is the white icing for decoration and then game on!

football cake pop for superbowl

football cakepops for superbowl

We hope you all had an amazing Super Bowl Sunday!

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  1. Both of these items were DE-LISH!!!! I think both of these things should be "your party dish" for all future parties. People across the land will be asking for the famous Krista cake pops and jello shots!

  2. I can't believe that it is already Super Bowl again in a few weeks. Time is flying way too fast. Almost a year since that dreaded day you told me you were moving to CO. Although I know it was a great move for you and you are super happy, I selfishly miss the crap out of you and want you back in Cali. I hope that you have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday xoxo