Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mountain Park, CO: Part 2

Pictures are deceiving. Like this, for example: 

Doesn't she look like a camping angel on Earth fresh up from a great night sleep and ready to tackle the day?

False. Lets try again.

Really, she was fresh off a giant temper tantrum, waking up everyone at the campground, and I bribed her with a cookie to pose for a second (because sugar is always the answer, right?) before I changed her from diaper to big girl undies so I could have a pic in her PJ's. This little girl acted like a total nightmare on our second day. So much so, that Jason and I have agreed it was the worst behavior she's ever displayed in all her 2.5 years.

I may have been a tiny bit hung over (tiny, tiny bit) but I would have gotten a headache regardless. Of course she had her temporary lapses of badness, and in those few and far between glimpses of heavenly light, I made Jason grab the camera. Doesn't it look like we're having a grand ol' snuggly time?
Here she is helping Daddy hang up a towel on the clothes line (awwww, right?) but only because when Jason tried to do it himself Kalynn freaked out and threw herself on the ground.

On the other side of our camp site was the playground and the trail leading down to the Poudre River.We decided that maybe a change in scenery would do everyone good so we took a small hike down to check it out.
Mountain Park Campground off the Cache La Poudre River on Highway 14 in Roosevelt National Forest #ColorfulColorado #Colorado

Here I am contemplating life, liberty and the pursuit of never drinking again!
Cache La Poudre River in Mountain Park Campground off Highway 14 in Roosevelt National Forest #Colorado #ColorfulColorado

Our pup had been limping since we left the house on Wednesday, our little river trip made it worse. As much fun as she had in the water for a few short lived moments, her back leg was done playing. Jason had to carry her back to camp after this.

Mountain Park Campground Ampitheater off the Cache La Poudre River on Highway 14 #Colorado #ColorfulColorado

Mountain Park Campground Ampitheater off the Cache La Poudre River on Highway 14 in Roosevelt National Forest #Colorado #ColorfulColorado

Between Kalynn continuing to throw handfuls of sand inside our tent regardless of consequences, Guacamole's bummed back left foot, temper tantrums, melt downs, defiance, and overall turd-ish behavior, we decided to cook our kabobs, pack up and go home. The toddler had defeated us this time.

We'll try again next summer when Kalynn is a bit older and when Moles is feeling better. As much fun as we had the first day, I feel that a successful camping trip is totally do-able,
but the Terrible Two's are a force to be reckoned with.
And we lost.
At least for this time...


  1. OH man! You just confirmed my fear that we aren't going to camp for another two years. As soon as Max will be old enough to be cool, Cleo is going to be in the not-cool stage we're dealing with right now. haha. Well I hope you guys had some fun at least!

  2. I have 2 boys, one is 2 the other is 6 months old. Going to give it a try this year, cant wait to read your other article about what to bring :)