Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homemade Kahlua

My mom is a born and raised California girl. The term "not accustom to cold" is an understatement for her. The handful of years she spent back East when my sister and I were growing up took some adjustment. By "adjustment" I mean "alcohol". She said the main trick to surviving the bone chilling Michigan cold was keeping a batch of homemade kahlua close at hand to warm the insides. So rationally, I decided to make a batch myself for these 75ยบ Orange County January winters. This is her recipe:

•In a gallon jug:
2 oz pure vanilla extract
4 oz freeze dried instant coffee
2 fifths vodka
8 cups sugar
•Add water to fill
•Shake 20 times once a day for 14 days

The perfect Christmas for the person who has everything: Homemade Kahlua! www.thebrighterwriter.blogspot.com

And if you're looking to make that pure vanilla extract yourself from scratch, check out this link for a recipe I saw on the Step by Step blog:

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  1. The 14 days will be well worth the wait!