Sunday, October 28, 2012


The second it started getting cold outside was the same second my sweet tooth kicked in. Maybe it's that any excuse I have to bake a themed anything, I'll take. Especially Halloween.

I've made some orange and black sprinkled cake pops: (recipe here)

Ghost cake pops: (recipe here)

about a million Rice Krispie Treats:

owl cuppy cakes: (use Oreos and M&M's for the eyes)

And of course you can't forget the adult desserts like this pumpkin pie martini:
(2 parts pumpkin liquor, 1 part Smirnoff Whipped Cream vodka, splash of milk, pinch of pumpkin pie seasoning)

or this Carmel Apple Martini:
(equal parts Smirnoff Kissed caramel vodka, red apple pucker and a spash of apple juice)

and of course you can't do Halloween without at least one spiked apple cider:
(3 parts fresh apple cider, 1 part Meyers dark rum, 1/2 part cinnamon schnapps)

Ah, the gym is about to be seeing a lot more of me...


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  1. Love the owl cuppy cakes. So simple and oh so cute! You've put me in festive Halloween frame of mind.