Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Post: Sam from This Is Just To Say...

The Brighter Writer is on Rocky Mountain Hiatus! While we settle our attitudes to the altitude, please enjoy my guest girl Sam over at This Is Just To Say...:

Hey there, Krista’s readers! It’s nice to have a fresh audience. When Krista asked me if I wanted to post as a guest on her blog, I was all for it. Blogging is fun for me, as long as I have something to write about. It is exciting to know that people are reading my words and following my posts. Having someone you didn’t expect to read your blog tell you that they do is pretty awesome. This happened to me the other night. While out for drinks at the local bars, I ran into some old friends with whom I haven’t spoken to or seen in at least a year. I was very surprised to learn that they read my blog. I in no way expected that and it was just the boost I needed to continue to push myself with my writing.

I get discouraged every now and then. Unlike Krista’s blog, which is packed with a variety of awesomeness including recipes, playlists, and lots of pictures, my blog is simply my words. There is no flair, just my thoughts. I can’t imagine why anyone would care enough what I thought (aside from my dear friends and family who are obligated to care) to sit and read through my posts. Even so, I continue to crank out at least two posts a week; writing down whatever happens to be on my mind and in my opinion “blog worthy”. I like to write and my dream job is to work in publishing, reading fresh manuscripts. This is why I continue, despite the fact that no one may give a shit.

Goals and dreams are important. They keep us going and push us to be better people, the people we actually want to be. I know that most people end up settling with career choice, dropping their favorite hobby, or giving up on the dream to be a pro something. There is nothing wrong with adjusting your life to move forward or to simply survive, but I think it is a great injustice to let go of your dreams completely. When you give up on your dreams, you loose a part of yourself.

Even if you have to take that less glamorous job in order to feed your kids, you should hold onto your dreams in some way. You may not end up getting paid to surf, but that doesn’t mean you should stop paddling out. When life gets too busy, don’t forget to make time for that special hobby. Doing the things we love, to any degree, keep us sane. You may not have Picasso’s talent, but that doesn’t mean you should put down the paint brush. Life is boring when you cut out all the extracurricular.

I encourage you all to hold onto those dreams and push forward towards your goals. Dreams give us hope and goals keep us focused. You dreamed of becoming a famous singer but don’t have the vocal skills of Adele? Don’t stop singing. Sing into your shampoo bottle, imagine you’re in concert when you’re behind the steering wheel, and rock Monday night karaoke. Your goal is to become a doctor but you don’t know where to start and the process seems overwhelming? Pick a school and make an appointment with counselor. Enroll in classes, even if you have to apply for financial aid, and don’t be tardy! You’ll be popping champagne at the opening of your own private practice one day if you work hard enough.

I have faith in us. Go get ‘em, guys!

Inspiringly yours,

Ps: If you liked what you’ve read here today, or you are just curious if my stuff is in fact worth reading, visit my blog at This Is Just To Say... Your readership is appreciated.

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