Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest Post: Missy from .....Messy Missy.....

The Brighter Writer is on Rocky Mountain Hiatus! While we settle our attitudes to the altitude, please enjoy my guest girl Missy over at .....Messy Missy.....

i have never really done a guest post before so coming up with something to talk about was tricky.  i am not too keen on talking about myself.  i only really have a blog as to be able to look back on my life with edited eyes. i am not much of a writer.  since krista is moving to back to the midwest from california, i thought i would write about the things i miss about the midwest (specifically kansas), as i am part californian and part midwestern.

-as summer is embarking the midwest, i can't help but miss the loud, crazy, awesome thunderstorms.  i miss counting the seconds from the lightning to the sound of the thunder and trying to guess how far away the storm is. 
-the smell rain. 
-lawrence and its charm.
 kansas! 074
-the deafening sound of the cicadas during the summer.  
-buying the freshest produce around from farmer's with corn so sweet, you can eat it raw.
-as gross as this is, i miss steak n' shake.  i worked there for a few years in high school and i can tell you from experience, it really is that disgustingly good. mmm...chili mac aka spaghetti noodles with ketchup and this weird meat mash.
-the nelson atkins museum and walking through it with my grandma.
-boulevard beer.
-my dad
my new sibling
-riding mini motorcycles.
kansas! 051
-stockton lake and cliff jumping while camping in an rv with my dad amongst the amish.
 Kanssas! 017
-lightning bugs and locust shells.
-fourth of july and firecracker wars.

i hope krista has an easy move and adapts quickly to her new life in colorado.  thanks for having me!

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