Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How To Make A Photo Cork Board

The thing about moving is that it sort of forces you to take some inventory of all your personal belongings. I have a ton of shit. Like, a ton.
I set up a "donation station" in our old front yard and gave a giant chunk of it to Good Will. Especially my jewelry. Clearly, I kept my favorite pieces and the stuff I know I'll wear again, but I rarely get a chance to even shower these days let alone get dolled up and don my fancy-pants earrings.
A few months back I posted about my jewelry box overload solution, using a painted cork board to hang my necklaces. Now that I don't use that cork board anymore, I decided to girly it up a bit and put it in Kalynn's bedroom.

How to make a photo cork board

 I detached the cork and gave it a coat of light pink spray paint, then painted the frame the same dark purple as Kalynn's bed.
How to make a photo cork board

I also saved a giant wad of purple ribbon left over from Bed, Bath and Beyond wrapped packages and used that to make a criss-cross pattern on on the board before nailing the frame back on. 

How to make a photo cork board

I have a place now to show off some of Kalynn's art projects and pictures. I'm pretty proud of my recycling capabilities. Now that I live in healthy happy hippy-ville, I better get used to it!

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